The French Indochina Vietnam 19th century Collections.

I.Historical Background of Annam dynasty
1.NGUYEN DYNASTY between 1887-1945 under the Westren imperialism 1887-1945
2.Hue Emperor(1802-1946)

(a)From 1802 to 1945 Vietnam vas rule by a series of Nguyen emperors who lived extravagant live most of the population lived as poupers.

(b)the Nguyen dynasty under French’s protectorate and were called the emperor of Annam, with trhe capital Hue, the territory included Tonkin and Cochinchina –auth)
When these leaders died, monumental tomb sites-some like miniature towns – were built south of Hue along Perfume River,-

(3) The emperor of Nguyen Dynasty during Franch protectorate in 20th centuries.

a)Khai Dinh (1916 – 1925)


                                                                           Khai Din tomb

b)Bo Dai (1925-1945)

II.Chronology Document and Postal History Collections (Compile from Dr Iwan S.’s Collections, Romein.1954 ,Stenley Karnow,1983 document and Nguyen Ngoc Vy,2006,Ta Chi Dong hai & Dang van Khoa,1994; abbrevation PH for Postal History, D for document or book clipiing , and P for Picture)

France issued special stamps for her colonies, including indochina, colour brown red,10 cent, design eagle, double circle , colonies de l”empire france 10c.postes.10 cent. But never seen postal used on cover with hanoi or saigon cds.(PH)


                                                         hanoi high rank picture

In this year, after the emperor Tu Duc relucanty ceded to France , the three provincees adjecent to Saigon, regional dignitaries continued to harass the France despite the ruler’s decision.
One of them , Truong Cong Dinh, the son of a military mandarin from central Vietnam mobilized his own peasant units, armed them with spears and swords and told Tu Duc that “we are determined to disoney yours orders as long as you speak of peace and surrender”

Betrayed and killed in this year, Truong Cong Dinh was succeeded by his twenty year old son, who soon met death when he tried to expand his father’s movement through alliences with other partisan group. His comerade in that venture included a poet, Nguyen Huu Huan, who was later captured and executed by the French; his verses typified the burgeoning nationalistic sentiment of the period :

The more I sense my duty the more I feel
On my shoulders its infinite weght
A man worthy of the name must blush
If he cannot pay the debt with his life

4)January.21th 1875
In 1875, La Banque de Indo-chine (The Bank of Indo-China) came into existance in Saigon under the acts dates 21th januray 1875,the first notes were issued in Haipong or Saigon. Besides the French char nomial : cinq piasters also the English’s nominal five dollars.

5)Before 1876
The report of the earliest postal history covers sent from equador “Sis Soeft “Jenny ‘C” Hanoi tonkin the date not clear .red cds(PH, gogle exploration please the owner comment-auth)

6) After 1876
The earliest recorded postal History from Army Chinese emperor post office Yunnan sent to vietnam used indochina overprint china stamps (PH, Gogle explration, please the owner comment-auth)


a) Khien Phuc ascended the throne as the emperor of Dai Viet, during his dynasty issued 1phan cash coins in chenese char. “ Kien Phuc Thong Bao” (this coins rare ,because the dynasty only two years-auth)

b)After 1883, when the French forced a “Protectorate” on Vietnam, Ton That Thuyet smuggled arms, ammunition, fod and money to a secret base north of Hue, the imperial capital.
He also disposed of three earlier emperors whose submissiveness to the French exasperated him.

The young emperor of Dai Viet ascended the throne. The emperor was tweleve’s years old.
During last emperor of Dai Viet “Ham Ngi dysnasty”, issued a very rare 1 phan cash coin with chinese charcter “ Ham Nghi Thong Bao” was read Up-down, right to left. .(the coin very rare because the young emperor only 2 years on his throne, the collector must learned the Chinese character was used on that coin, wa list in the coins catallogue , the vietnamese didn’t have this catalague, they only have the bad photocoies one- auth)

9) 1885
a) July 1885
When French imposed their demands at Hue in this month, Ton That Thuyet provoked them into an attack. They pillaged the city and palace, and he fled to his sanctuary with Ham Ngi , whom the French promptly replaced by a pliant elder brother. (?)
Ton That Thuyet escaped to China , ostensibly to seet aid, while Ham Nghi took refuge in a Hmong village near the Laotian border.

b)Only in the summer of 1885 did the sporadic and disjointed Vietnamese opposition gain border legitimacy when Ham Nghi, the thirteenth year old emperor, joined the resistance. His movement collapse within three years, but his defiance assumed legendary proportions
The mastermind behind his insurrections was a passionate nationalist Ton That Thuyet , a scion of the Royal family.

c) The french, who had set the mountain tribes against Lowland Vietnamese, bribed the Hmong village chief with money, opium and a military title to betray the fugitive emperor.

d) French Protectorate Annam , The firs emperor of Annam Dong Khan ascended the throne .
During this time issued Vietnamese cash coin with the designed like Chinese empire cash coin 1 phan. ( This coin not common coins-auth)

8)March.16th 1886
The postage stamps of Indochina begun on March.16.1886 with the overprint of S or SC.CH on the generic stamps of the French Colonies stamp (issue in 1859), for use in Cochinchina, mainly Saigon.
(I never seen this stamps in used conditin off cover or postally used covers-auth)

10) 1886
(1)In late 1886 for examples ………….

France creates Indochinese Union composed of Cochinchina, Annam, Tonkin and Cambodia.(D)


stamps crudely overprinted A & T
( meaning Annam & Tonkin) along with a “1” or “5”, and also on the generic colonies stamps were issued for those territories.
(This stamps reported off cover cancalled Ha- Noi in Tonkin 17 March 1890.(PH)

(2) ? , 1888
The second emperor of Annam, Than Thoi ascended the throne. During this dynasty were issued 10 phan cash coin (This coin common, because very long on the throne from 1888-1907 and many sirculated because the inflations after WW I -auth)

(3) May .16th 1888
The Bank of Indochina(la Banque de I’Indon-Chine issued one dollar(une piastre ) , and 100 dollar (cent piaster) banknote in Saigon.(D)

(3) Late 1888
The French captured Ton That Thuyet and Ham Nghi , exile him to Algeria and executed all of his follwers except monarch. The other strangled himself to death out of shame.
Ham Nghi had issuet an edict during his fight from Hue, urging “The rich to give their wealth, the mighty their strenght and the poor their limbs so that the country might be rescued from the invader”
The proclamation, known as Can Vuong or Loyality to the emperor, inspired resistance leaders long after his deportation.

(1) Unification of colonial adminis-tration .
(2) Unification first result in Surcharges in januari 1889 on the 35 french colonies stamps, reading Indo-Chine o9/S/RD (8 january) where “R” refered to the colonial Govenour P.Richaud and the the “D” to the postmaster at Saigon General P.Demars.
This stamps report Off Cover cancelled Vinh Long, a town of the Mekong Delts , 9 april 1899. afew month after the stamp was issued
(3) the Indochinese stamps officially came into being and were used in Vietnam,Laos and Cambodia. These were colonial stamps over-printed with “Indochine”, the number 1889 or 89, the two letters RD and the number 5 (PH)

14) 1890
Ho Chi Minh is born in central Vietnam and his real name Nguyen Ai Quoc(D)

15) 1891
Not yet info

The first regular stamps of Indochina were issue with design standard Navigation and commerce series used by the describe Indo-chine(P)

17) 1893-1897
In 1897 Bank of Indochina issued the first one Dollar paper money


(1)September 7th1898
The Bank of Indochina issued banknote Twenty Dollar ( Vingt Piatres)


19) 1899-1900
Not yet info


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