The Expatriat Japan in Indonesia pre and post WWII

@copyright Dr Iwan S 2010
Japanese expatriat in vietnam before WWII picture postcard

Japenese Expatriat in Surabaya Indonesia Photo(I will install later)was in that book,I will seeking the book and installed their photos.
A Dr Iwan S notes
1.A weeks ago,June 2010, I had found a very interesting documen with several photos from the Japanese expatriat who lived at Surabaya before WW II, he have the shop name Yokohama and several familiar photo with his best friend Dr Sudiro(one of famous Indonesian hero),after WWII they had put in the Prisoner of War camp in Australia and after release the hole family came back to Japan, the elders child the school in Japan and later became a famous pianist, she had teach many Japanese Ambasador and mameber of Indonesia Embassy in Japan,and made a show in Japan, one day he wrote a letter to the Indonesian leader ( I donnot know who,because no name there,may be cut by the owner), she made several show in Japan sponsored by the Indonesia embessy in Japan
She have send a letter with complete story,document and photos to teh Indonesian leader (his name not found,my be cutting),she told about his family ,his father stayed at surabaya and his best friend Dr Sudiro ,an Indonesian heros. I will show the collections below.
2.During I stayed at Padang city ,circa 1979, my nice Andri had afriend a Japanese expatriat Indonesia sons mr Wi (Suzuki) they call him Wi Japan, his father was a civilian expatriat ,the mechanic, he was japanese expratiat before WWII, and merried the chinese oversea Tionghoa Indonesia,and after the war he became Indonesia citizen and nationality until he passed away. I had ever met him to show my Dai Nippon occupations collection in 1979 and asked him for traanlated the Kanji latters, but he didnot want to tell his history, but when my Brother in law study IT master at Osaka Japan in 1968-1670 he bought a japanese languages book about Indonesia and Mr Kasim Japan profile photo with his son Wi Japan(suzuki).
3. After starting collecting Japanes occupation in Indonesia and Asia countries, I built a very best and intereting Dai Nippon Occupations and Japanese before WW II collections, I will put as the illustration in this story.were consist realted postal history, document and picture history postal.
4.In 1986 I read a history of Dai Nippon soldiers ,their were on military duty in Indonesia,some still in Indonesia and some in Japan,in december 1986 , abigger Dai Nippon document exhabition,and based on this story which writting by Saut Hutabarat(now senior journalist at Metro TV Jakarta) about some Dai Nippon Naval officer which on duty in the Molluca area ,based on this Tempo journal Indfonesia December 1986 I starting to add my document and postal history from all over Indonesia then from all asia countries, in 2009 I write in my blog Dai Nippon Military adminsitration Java,based on the diary writen by Indonesian man which I found in Jakarta,abouit his work at The Dai Nippon logistic distribution at Djoerangsaoi village Bondowoso,after that I write about The Sumatra under Dai Nippon Malaya Singapore collections 1942-1943.
5.I write this story with best collections illustration dedicated to mr Wi Kasim Japan (Suzuki),my friend Sofyan who help me to find the collections,and to in memorian Mr Yamsita my Japanese phillatelis collectors frien and also to Mr Aoki famili (because he was passed away) who have the famous dai Nippon Indonesia collectors in the world who have bought Gen.Suryadharma colections and write many books,Mrs Retno and his sister mrs Asih which the Indonesian expatriat in Japan cica 1960-1965 because their father work at the Indonesian Embessy in Japan, also the mrs SM the Japanese expatriat daughter which now became the famous trader in Jakarta ,we ever joint together to made a social health campaign 1n 1997 at Jakarta, at least to all the Japanese exp[atriat Indonesia family who ever stayed Indonesia,some became IndonesianNationality citizen,and some back home ,also some still in the Papua jungle, I have found some interesting collections in The Japan Hole at Biak Island like key,medicine bottle,teeth brussh. also Sake Bottles.also to all Indonesian student at Japana ,in the Indonesia-Japan Group associations
5.One of my wife best friend ,have study and merried in Japan with the Indonesian Student after the WWII, also I have the picture of Indonesia citizen who study at Japan Military Academy and later became the Famous Indonesian Inteliggentservices(BAKIN) in memoriam General Yoga Sugomo. also many expatriat Dai Nippon military which after the war merreid Indonesian citizen and becamee Indonesian national citizen.
5. This story will be the bigger and interesting informations with realted rare unique collections have ever report by Indonesian collectors, that is why I need support by the Japanese item collectors in the world with send the info of their collections to made more complete,at least the supporting donation sponsored for the operational cost, because I write alone and need more professional help, because iyhout help this site will finish very long time may in one or two years.thank you for all friendly help and donations. I hope the reader and collectors will be patient because this story writing very slow and will finish very long times.
1. The story and unique collections of Mr Kasim Jepang Padang
2.The story and unique collections of The Japanese expatriat live at Surabaya.
3. The Japnese homeland postal History send to Indonesia by Indonesian traveller
the Dai Nippon japanese military collection:
1.Postal History
2.The Dai Nippon Military Picture Postcard
3. The Dai Nippon Expatriat document during the war



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